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Transportation Solutions Driving School  


 • Erie, PA USA

Job Details



This is an Occupational Therapist dream job!  We need someone who is looking to work "outside the box" when it comes to being an OT. This position is for a part time OT and we offer very flexible hours. This is a unique position for an OT as we provide driving evaluations, driving rehab and we teach individuals with cognitive & physical disabilities to drive.  All clients are referrals from physicians or agencies. We provide paid training to help you become proficient in this position.  All training will be provided by our OT, COTA and/or our Certified Driving Rehab Specialists. This position is Monday-Friday, 9-5 and open now.  Don't miss out on this rare opportunity.

Job Description:


SUMMARY OF POSITION:  This position requires the OT to be licensed and registered.  This is a position in a unique field as it is for you to learn how to be a Driving Rehab Specialist.  

The OT’s responsibilities include evaluation of consumer’s driving ability; training with/without adaptive equipment; report writing; staff education; in-services to referral sources and attendance at continuing education events.  Through understanding disabilities, medications and capabilities are necessary.


To include but not limited to:

  • Consumer Interviews and counseling
  • Family interviews and counseling
  • Evaluation of visual system-
Optec 2000, Visual Response Time, MVPT-V, Contrast Sensitivity etc.
  • Evaluations of cognitive system –
Trails A & B, MMSE, Short Blessed Test, Clox -1,2; Direction following Test, etc.
  • Evaluation of Physical system –
ROM, Strength, Coordination, Head/Neck Flexibility, Reaction Time, etc.
  • Perform on road assessment in company vehicles.
  • Knowledgeable in adaptive equipment and vehicle modifications.
  • Transferring patients as needed.
  • Installing/uninstalling adaptive equipment in company vehicles.
  • Wheelchair familiarity and measuring for entry and exit of vehicles.
  • Utilization of critical thinking skills.
  • Writing a customer report thoroughly after completing an evaluation and or lesson.
  • Knowing all of the rules of the road and setting an example by following the laws.
  • Route Planning for the lessons and travel in between so you run on time.
  • Staff Education
  • Communication to referral sources
  • Utilize the company email system.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Word.
  • Utilize fax machine independently
  • Notify the President of the company of any consumer or vehicle problems.
  • Assist other employees when dealing with the same customers.

About Us

Transportation Solutions is celebrating our 25th year in business.  We covers all of your needs related to driving! We offer Driving Lessons, Driving Tests (we are a PennDOT third party test site), CDL Training & Testing, Driver Evaluations and Driver Rehab in our Occupational Therapy Department!

Why Us

This is a dream job for an OT!  You have opportunity to change our customers lives! Assisting someone that is a double amputee, stroke victims, brain injuries etc. to getting back to driving is most rewarding!  We all strive for independence and this is the ultimate goal.  Learning to drive or being able to get back to driving after a medical incident in any class of a vehicle is a lifelong skill and our customers are so appreciative of our professionalism and compassion.

Education Level:

Masters Degree

Must Haves

  • Occupational Therapy License
  • Senior population experience


4202 Peach Street
Erie, PA 16509

Compensation Range

$40.00 - $60.00  Hourly